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There is no purpose aka How to proceed

God isn’t real, there is no purpose, psychics are frauds, and astrology is for idiots. Now that I have your attention, let me mumble a bit about where we are, why we are here, and how to proceed. Recently I’ve been making some changes in what I work with, and how I spend my time. Times limited, would hate to waste it. During a conversation about life’s unanswered questions, I realized they’re not exactly unanswered… I mean, we know enough to rationally figure out how to proceed. After the Big Bang, we are (one of) the most intelligent species ever formed…

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Docker Devbox

A Vagrant/Ubuntu/Docker based local development environment has been released. It runs on Windows, Linux, Mac. I use it daily for PHP etc work, few testers say it’s stable enough. Feel free to test more, especially on Mac, and open some issues 🙂 See Readme: Devbox Host: Windows/Linux/Mac Guest: Vagrant (Ubuntu 16:04 x64) Features: PHP 7.1 fpm with Nginx 1.10.3 :80 AND Apache 2.4 :8080 on Ubuntu, Redis, Mail server, Blackfire profiler Docker Containers: PHP + Nginx at http://devbox.local PHP + Apache2 at http://devbox.local:8080 Mailhog at http://devbox.local:8025 Mailhog SMTP at http://devbox.local:1025 Redis at http://devbox.local:6379 Intitial Setup – Install Virtualbox, Vagrant, Git Bash –…

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Automate browser with Imacros

Browser Automation is a wonderful thing, yet not too popular with non-programmers. Honestly, I don’t get why. There are many tools available – applications, browser addons and extensions, to ease repetitive daily tasks, whether it is business expert opening a set of tabs during specific meetings, tester going through acceptance test routine, or product owner trying to verify whether product still works as expected after the release. It is all nothing but input, output and few clicks in the browser, so it can be easily automated. To showcase browser automation I have selected Imacros extension and website. Imacros extension, because…

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Unit Testing – The Big Picture

This is not a crash course of what characters one needs to type in his code editor to produce unit tests. This is fuel the brain requires before attempting such actions. The subject of Unit Testing is not as simple as one might think. Many of us, developers, go into unit testing based on pressure from clients, peers, colleagues, our heroes and so on. We quickly learn the value of it, and, once the tech setup is done, there is a tendency to forget the big picture, if it was ever learnt. This article will provide a short insight into what is and…