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Automate browser with Imacros

Browser Automation is a wonderful thing, yet not too popular with my current client. They have couple of guys who know their way around Codeception/Java with Selenium WebDriver to automate acceptance tests and that’s it. Because of this “automation team” other employees distance themselves from any automation whatsoever as they do not feel like the “experts” and word “automation” seems somehow tainted. As a result product owners continue manually clicking through their products, click, click, click, same routine for testers after every daily release. Pretty sad for a multi billion company. But there are tools to help non-programmers automate their daily…

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Unit Testing – The Big Picture

This is not a crash course of what characters one needs to type in his code editor to produce unit tests. This is fuel the brain requires before attempting such actions. The subject of Unit Testing is not as simple as one might think. Many of us, developers, go into unit testing based on pressure from clients, peers, colleagues, our heroes and so on. We quickly learn the value of it, and, once the tech setup is done, there is a tendency to forget the big picture, if it was ever learnt. This article will provide a short insight into what is and…

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