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There is no purpose aka How to proceed

God isn’t real, there is no purpose, psychics are frauds, and astrology is for idiots.

Now that I have your attention, let me mumble a bit about where we are, why we are here, and how to proceed. Recently I’ve been making some changes in what I work with, and how I spend my time. Times limited, would hate to waste it. During a conversation about life’s unanswered questions, I realized they’re not exactly unanswered… I mean, we know enough to rationally figure out how to proceed.

After the Big Bang, we are (one of) the most intelligent species ever formed on Earth. In the result of this accident, we have begun to gain knowledge and capabilities to understand Universe, and started to explore it. Since there is no God, and for the present I assume humans are the only intelligent species on Earth (apart from crows, holly crap what they can do!), we only live to reproduce.

Life has no set purpose. Doesn’t mean we can’t set one. Being the only intelligent species, our purpose should be either creation of more superior species (Skynet), or discovering all laws of the universe we live in. Since we are, by accident, trapped here, and our reproductive cycle makes humanity as whole a practically infinite organism, it’s better to know the rules of the game. If we look into future as far as astrophysicists currently know it, our biggest guaranteed issue is the Sun blowing up, but it’s estimated we will be able to relocate by then. Humanity is infinite.

AI engine creation, space exploration, theoretical physics or microbiology – these are some of the only few professions that actually makes sense on Earth. Then there are professions that help these scientists to live and grow (politicians, IT industry etc), there are ones that help them survive (doctors, local pizza shop), there are ones that just entertain (Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Trump).

If I assume that one of the possible purposes mentioned above should be humanities and mine, anything else is a waste of time, isn’t worth doing, and is potentially harmful.

I don’t remember where I was going with this

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